Broadcast your own TV channel


  • Very easy to broadcast live video
  • Personalize your broadcasts
  • Lots of channels to view


  • Lenghtly sign-up process
  • Video upload can be slow

Very good
8 allows you to create your own TV shows and broadcast them live over the internet. You can also use it to watch live TV and check out videos and channels created by others.

In order to start using, you'll need to sign up for an account, which is a very long and laborious process, requiring lots of personal details. Once you are set up though, you should find it easy to create your own channels using

The broadcasting interface in is very straightforward, making it easy to hook up to your webcam and get going. There are tools for tweaking audio and video settings, plus you can add text, links and video to spice up your broadcasts. It's worth checking out the polls and audience tools too, as these allow you to interact with your viewers in an interesting way.

Besides acting as a platform for broadcasting yourself, also gives you free access to video being broadcast by thousands of users across the World. Videos are well organized in categories such as sports, entertainment, animals and music.

Whether you fancy having a shot at becoming a TV star, or you just want to nose in on what others are up to, is a lot of fun.

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